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The STRATFOR Emails Mentioning Alex Jones

FBI (more) on Body Email-ID 1666377 Date 2011-05-02 15:11:03 From burton@stratfor.com To secure@stratfor.com Down & dirty done, He already sleeps with the fish…. ** Fred’s Note: Although I don’t really give a rats ass, it seems to me that by dropping the corpse in the ocean, the body will come back to haunt us….gotta be … Continue reading

Truther.org Exposed, Alex Jones STRATFOR Myth Debunked

The internet is full of disinformation and conspiracy theories. The conspiracy theory junkies can get tired of simple, over-analyzed plots like 9/11 and JFK so they will occasionally turn to inventing conspiracy theories about conspiracy theorists to feed their addiction. This type of mindless conjecture is the purest form of conspiracy crack for the conspiracy … Continue reading